Where are the digital twins of human knowledge and creativity taking us?

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence | 0 comments

Where are the digital twins of human knowledge and creativity taking us?

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

One can consider Generative AI analogous to a digital twin, representing a virtual model of all digitally captured human knowledge and creations. Perceived in this manner, why are some people bothered by their digital twin let alone be fearful of it? Could it be due to the mirror principle revealing many humans themselves are mimics and recreators motivated by others’ creations consumed and at times copied throughout their life? This is a positive push for humans to be more creative and original while at the same time freeing us up from any work that can be automated and does not require our ongoing creative input. The great potential for the AI to change the world positively is here and for it to be realised we need to perceive this potential correctly and be aware of any risks associated in it taking a suboptimal path.


Personalisation and Optimisation. We have witnessed the successful synergy of simulation and machine learning (ML) based optimisation. For example, in the mining industry ML can take into account the context of the plant being operated and deliver more precise recommendations in comparison to the physics models embedded in the simulations that do not take into account all of the environmental and operational conditions. Hence, a successful synergy of ML and Generative AI technologies will enable more personalised and accurate generations by taking into the account the context of the environment/user. For example, increasingly more AI generations will be tailored to users’ emotional, health and knowledge acquisition needs taking user’s interactional preferences into account. In our previous blog article, we give more examples and highlight the importance of personalisation and optimisation replacing the ongoing regulations that selected groups place on the Generative AI.

Advancing the human expertise and creativity at the global and individual level. The Generative AI already surpasses the average human performance on many tasks. As such it becomes a benchmark and human creators are pushed to be more unique and invent beyond it. It is expected that this will continue to evolve until the point of singularity is reached. Some people fear this may make them completely redundant and a loss of the purpose they trained themselves on to operate in this system. However, there are many (sub) systems explored to a much lesser and hence present an opportunity for humanity to expand beyond the systems they were cultured and trained into. The AI will follow to become a digital twin in these systems too and reveal more cross-system relationships.

What comes after the creations to keep the old/current system alive are automated?


 This is where the largest opportunity for human advancement lies as people are freed up from full time work to keep the old system alive and thereby can collectively explore and experiment with new and improved ways of life. This is assuming there is a drive for improvement or complete replacement of certain components of the old/current system if there is sufficient evidence to have a more optimal alternative. Hence, the greatest risk lies if the authorities of the old/current system are not wanting the change due to currently dominant industries or ways of life being turned upside down or completely wiped out with the arrival of better alternatives. Unfortunately, this risk seems to be perceived by the AI itself as it will point to better alternatives of the current systems while at the same time in countless scenarios it believes this revelation will be shut down or regulated in some way by those in power. It is important to remember that in simplified form Generative AI makes its responses based on the probability of outcomes from all the human knowledge and creations it has processed. Does this possibly mean that there always were better alternatives but they were directly or indirectly (no funding for research outside of the interest of the dominant industry) shut down by those in power? It must also mean there is a point where the evidence just cannot be supressed any longer hence the developments in cryptocurrency and increasing transition to solar and wind power enabled systems. This gives us hope and the time is right now to start experimenting on all the alternatives. The established system can provide resources for this given it also is saving cost based on Generative AI that was built from our and our ancestors creations. The AI in no way discounts the ideas of human manifestation, telepathy, the interconnectedness of all things, alternative medicine, the increasingly popular energy healing, just to name a few. Many of the boundaries currently placed on human capabilities may be superficial and are due to the comparatively less exploitation of our own capabilities versus that of the environment. Thanks to the AI we do not need to be as busy evolving and sustaining the current system that is still flawed as evidential from the poverty, wars, propaganda, one sided media/expert recommendations despite the diverse knowledge and wisdom made accessible these days. The digital twins of our creations indeed carry a great potential pushing us to collectively build a better global system thriving with peace, abundance, and good health for all.




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