Long term generative AI adoption strategy: human empowerment not replacement

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence | 0 comments

Long term generative AI adoption strategy: human empowerment not replacement

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

The generative AI technology has shown impressive results of being able to create high quality output (text, audio, images, video) at the speed humans can never compete with. This gives rise to the automation opportunities within a business as well as fear amongst employees of losing their jobs to the generative AI technology. For continual originality of the business and employee growth and satisfaction, the businesses must keep the human in the loop.

Indeed, those choosing to completely replace human-generated content by AI-generated content (simple process depiction in Fig. 1) may have immediate cost-saving in staff reduction, but will suffer long-term in:

  1. The content they serve will be a ‘frozen snapshot’ of implicit creativity AI has learned from the examples.
  2. They will lack uniqueness over their competitors.
  3. There is no human in the loop to verify and improvise on the AI creations.

Fig. 1 Undesired adoption of generative AI.


On the other hand, those who choose to empower their staff to discover and co-create with AI will benefit long term by:

  1. Each staff member can expedite their work and produce higher quality output by having the AI-generated content as a benchmark to improvise on-> lifts the performance bar.
  2. They will retain uniqueness in their generated content.
  3. The human in the loop will augment the AI-generated content with their own creations where AI lacks -> new high-quality examples to train their AI models -> improves the quality and novelty of their AI-generated content.
  4. Potential to capture human reasoning/correction patterns of the content AI served -> complementary data for AI training and process optimisation.

Fig. 1 Desired adoption of generative AI for long lived creativity and uniqueness.


Generally, AI should be perceived as a tool to empower people to discover and create much faster by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ AI has captured. This is why any regulation of the content AI can generate at the general/engine level fuels the risk of serving biased or one-sided content which will stagnate new discoveries and creativity. Regulating the content at the specific application level is sufficient while the user will serve as the regulator and enhancer of the content they want to share with the world or their employer.

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