Who we are

September AI Labs was founded in September 2018 by synergy of a business strategist and a data scientist, with September in the name also marking a seasonal start of new creations which AI labs were to enable across various industries. Indeed, we partnered with a local University to develop several impacting medical applications and have empowered our industrial clients with novel AI solutions that automate and improve important business processes. Nearing end of 2022 September AI Labs has established a few products, tools and proven techniques to utilize for the needs of its own business and others. The co-founder responsible for business and product strategy has moved on to broader product innovation endeavors while Dr Fedja Hadzic has taken full ownership of the now even stronger AI and machine learning focused and enabled business and strategy, as a Chief Scientist and Managing Director.

Fedja specialises in advanced machine learning and data science. His commitment to research and development in machine learning and AI dates to 2002 developing simulation for AI and cognitive science during his undergraduate studies. In 2004 he had the opportunity to apply his knowledge and implement machine learning applications in Robotics as a member of UTS Unleashed! Robot soccer team. Seeing his automated code in play and the team wining nationally and internationally fueled his passion in machine learning even more. As an academic he then contributed to the field of AI with over 50 peer-reviewed international publications including the first authored book by Springer for mining of data with complex structures. He has also been awarded the Chancellors commendation for his PHD thesis being of outstanding quality (only top 3-4% qualify for such an award). He has over 17 years of experience in research and commercial applications of machine learning and data analysis as Lead Data Scientist and Chief Scientist. He has managed data science and machine learning projects at all stages, including: business use case and AI strategy definition, solution conceptualization, implementation and deployment. This experience ranges across many domains including mining and resources, energy, agriculture, transportation, finance, telecommunications, medicine and sciences, seismic study, sports science, education and recruitment.

Fedja Hadzic

Chief Scientist and Managing Director at September AI Labs