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Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications.

Artificial intelligence transforms business with automation, cost reduction, and improved decision-making through data insights.”

AI and data science enabling services

Data Engineering

Predictive feature engineering and selection

Data Management

Data acquisition, integration, cleansing and augmentation

AI readiness

AI readiness assessment w.r.t. value over analytics


Automated analytics and alerts to charts that matter


Automated text and image labelling

Function-Specific AI

Generative AI Models specialised to your business functions

Automated pipelines

No resource intensive and error prone human text/image labelling

Advanced Ownership

State of the art Generative AI capabilities to specialise and own

Internal Knowledge

Information and creations reside within your organisation

Integrative Solutions

Optimal business integration strategies

Generative AI models

Natural Language Processing

Data Retrieval

Information retrieval

ML preprocessing​

Text cleansing, structuring and feature engineering for ML

Document Analytics

Analytics and pattern recognition from documents​

Semantic AI

AI empowered semantic search

Language Processing​

NER, text classification and generative models

Intelligent Conversations​

Conversational AI Agents with purpose

Data Analytics Automation​

Analytics and data science automation​

Intelligent Maintenance​

Proactive maintenance and actionable insights​

Targeted Alerts​

Alerts and recommendations w.r.t. target objective(s)

Predictive Analytics​

Forecasting and predictive models​

Objectives Optimization​

Proactive optimisation of multiple target objectives​

Streaming and time series data

Computer vision

Visual Intelligence

Image/video classification and object recognition

Image Enhancement​

Image denoising and augmentation​


Image captioning​

Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation

Scene reconstruction​

Scene reconstruction​

Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing in technology

AI is revolutionizing industries by analyzing data, recognizing patterns and making predictions, making it the new big thing in technology

What we offer

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Using September AI has been a game-changer for our customer support team. Its natural language processing capabilities have enabled us to resolve customer inquiries quickly and accurately, leading to a more positive customer experience.
Liam Smith
Content Writer
September AI has revolutionized the way we work. With its intelligent algorithms and efficient communication tools, it has helped us streamline our business processes and improve productivity. Highly recommended!
M Zayem
Front-end Developer
As a personal assistant, September AI has exceeded all of my expectations. Its ability to learn my preferences, manage my schedule, and provide personalized recommendations has made my life easier and more organized.
Jack Taylor
Front-end Developer

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